A CAR has been swept into the sea by Storm Kathleen, with staggering footage capturing the moment.

The grey vehicle can be seen being pulled into the Firth of Forth by footage from Lower Largo in Fife – seemingly from the village’s Main Street.

Waves can be seen engulfing the car as it is slowly dragged out to sea.

More weather warnings for wind and rain have been issued following the disruption caused by Storm Kathleen.

The Met Office issued four separate warnings covering southern England, western Wales and mainland Scotland from Monday to Tuesday evening.

The forecaster said travel disruption and damage to homes and businesses were possible.

The Scottish Environment Protection Agency had 16 local flood warnings and 6 flood alerts in place on Monday afternoon.

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Cloud and rain will stall across parts of Scotland on Tuesday, but it will turn brighter elsewhere with scattered showers through the afternoon.

Unsettled conditions will continue into Wednesday as more cloud and rain arrives from the west and pushes eastwards throughout the day.

Oli Claydon, meteorologist from the Met Office, said: “Certainly for the wind warnings, it’s that combination of the high tide as well.

“If you’re near the coastline do take care, don’t get too close to any sort of edges or seafronts because you’re likely to see some wave overtopping at times and there could be debris being flown around the coastline.

“With the rain warnings, it’s just a case of knowing your flood risk.”