A SCOTTISH council has permanently banned caravans from a Highland car park on the NC500 route.

Motorhomes are also now barred from staying overnight at the site at Rogie Falls, a popular walking spot around 20 miles west of Inverness.

A sign installed at the site by Highland Council also makes clear that cars, minibuses and motorbikes are allowed 24 hours a day, while vehicles adapted for sleeping are only permitted between 8am and 10pm.

Caravans are banned outright.

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The Highland Council sign states: “Important notice. The Highland Council reserve the power to remove vehicles, goods or materials and store at the owners’ expense, and retain until such expenses have been reimbursed.

“Contravention of parking conditions will lead to a Penalty Charge Notice being issued and or the removal of vehicles.”

Rogie Falls is a popular stop on the Scottish tourist trail and is known for a suspension bridge over the water from which, in the right season, salmon can be seen leaping.

Responding to a post on the Facebook group NC500 The Dirty Truth about the new restrictions, one user asked: “But will it be checked during the late hours?”

The original poster responded: “Time will tell on that one, but ignore the sign at your peril.

“Far cheaper to go to a campsite than pay a fine.

“It’s used regularly until now as a stopover so it’s going to be interesting to see if that continues.”

The car park had previously been run by Forestry Land Scotland but is now administered by the Highland Council.