A SCOTLAND-BASED fish farmer is set to run the 2024 Boston Marathon to raise funds for the Gaelic Books Council (Comhairle nan Leabhraichean).

Stewart Hawthorn, 57, has taken up the fundraiser after his wife, Kerry, started a weekly gathering for Gaelic speakers and learners in Stirling.

Hawthorn, who has travelled around the world as a fish farmer, is now seeking sponsorship for his Boston Marathon adventure after his performance in the 2023 Edinburgh Marathon won him the spot.

He will be raising funds for the Gaelic Books Council, the lead organisation with responsibility for supporting Scottish Gaelic writers and publishers, and for raising the profile and reach of Scottish Gaelic books in Scotland and internationally.

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Hawthorn said: "My wife's passion for learning Gaelic is truly inspiring. While I haven't started my language journey yet, I can use my legs to raise awareness and funds to support Gaelic language and culture.”

Hawthorn hopes to support the continued revival of Scottish Gaelic after witnessing the increase in learns and speakers of Te Rao Māori in New Zealand.

After concerted efforts to support the language, Te Reo Māori phrases are used by all New Zealanders in everyday conversations, Hawthron shared, adding that the number of people fluently speaking the language is increasing.

He said: "Having witnessed the successful revitalisation of Te Reo Māori in New Zealand, I believe Scottish Gaelic can follow a similar path. My Boston Marathon run is about raising awareness and funds to make this a reality.

"On my travels, I have seen the importance of local languages to the indigenous peoples of Canada and Aotearoa/New Zealand. Many of these languages are under threat of disappearing. Scottish Gaelic is at risk and needs support.”

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Alison Lang, director, of the Gaelic Books Council said: “We are delighted that Stewart has decided to help raise funds for our organisation so that we can continue to support writers and publishers of Gaelic books for children, adult learners and native speakers.

"We are committed to ensuring that our precious language thrives in the modern world.”

All donations through Hawthorn’s GoFundMe page directly support the Gaelic Books Council.