THE Prime Minister has failed to mention the UK’s ongoing arms sales to Israel in a statement on Gaza.

Six months on from Hamas’s attack on Israel on October 7, which resulted in the deaths of more than 1000 Israelis, Rishi Sunak released a statement on the conflict.

Since Hamas’s attack, Israel has launched a major offensive in Gaza, displacing millions and killing more than 30,000 Palestinians.

However, the conduct of the Israeli military has been subject to intense criticism, with the UN human rights council calling on the country to be held to account for potential war crimes committed in Gaza.

Earlier this week three British citizens providing humanitarian aid in the region were killed in an Israeli airstrike, sparking calls for the UK Government to end arms sales to the country.

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But in a statement released on Sunday, Sunak failed to mention whether his government was considering such a move.

He said: “Today marks six months since the terrorist outrage of 7th October – the most appalling attack in Israel’s history, the worst loss of Jewish life since the Second World War.

“Six months later, Israeli wounds are still unhealed. Families still mourn and hostages are still held by Hamas.

“And after six months of war in Gaza, the toll on civilians continues to grow – hunger, desperation, loss of life on an awful scale.

“We continue to stand by Israel’s right to defeat the threat from Hamas terrorists and defend their security.

The National: Much of Gaza has been turned to rubble since October 7Much of Gaza has been turned to rubble since October 7 (Image: free)

“But the whole of the UK is shocked by the bloodshed, and appalled by the killing of brave British heroes who were bringing food to those in need.

“This terrible conflict must end. The hostages must be released. The aid – which we have been straining every sinew to deliver by land, air and sea – must be flooded in.

“The children of Gaza need a humanitarian pause immediately, leading to a long-term sustainable ceasefire. That is the fastest way to get hostages out and aid in, and to stop the fighting and loss of life.

“For the good of both Israelis and Palestinians - who all deserve to live in peace, dignity and security - that is what we will keep working to achieve.”

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It comes after a leaked recording of senior Tory MP Alicia Kearns showed that she believed the UK Government had received legal advice stating that Israel is flouting international humanitarian law.

Kearns said that she believed the UK had “no choice” but to suspend arms sales to Israel.

However, the UK Government has so far refused to publish legal advice it has received on whether Israel is breaking international law.