GENDER critical activists and counter-protesters clashed in the Scottish capital in a dispute over the rights of transgender people. 

Let Women Speak (LWS), an organisation described by supporters as a "gender-critical feminist campaign", led a rally outside The Royal Scottish Academy in Edinburgh on Saturday.

The rally, which began around 1pm, was led by Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull, a prominent anti-trans activist also known as Posie Parker (below).

The National:

She has previously faced criticism relating to allegations of racism, white supremacy, and ties to far-right anti-LGBT groups.

The LWS rally was met by opposition from various transgender rights groups and supporters, including Cabaret Against the Hate Speech (CAHS), who led the counter-protest.

Both events remained peaceful, with no arrests made, according to Police Scotland.

During a speech at the rally, Keen-Minshull described transitioning children as “profound abuse”.

The National:

She later called Scotland’s hate crime laws “preposterous”.

Counter-protesters held a number of placards, banners and flags, denouncing LWS’s standpoint and singing songs.

A CAHS spokesperson said it “stands in solidarity with the trans community across the globe, who are facing unprecedented levels of violence, hatred and harassment”.

The National:

The spokesperson added: “Our community showed up. We laughed, we sang, we danced, we shared out stories and a message of joy and resistance to hate.

“None of us [are] free until all of us are free. LGB with the T, now and forever.”