COUNCILLORS in Aberdeen have proposed new rules which would prohibit buskers in the city from singing songs containing “hate speech”.

The rules were proposed by Aberdeen City Council following concerns raised about buskers by city centre residents, who complained about noise levels and the length of time some buskers were spending on the street.

The new guide drawn up by councillors would introduce a “code of practice” for street musicians with the aim of creating a “harmonious and respectful busking environment for all”.

It includes creating designated “busking zones” in Aberdeen city centre as well as placing volume and duration limits on performances.

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Performers would only be permitted to busk between 10am and 8pm and should not disturb any businesses or residents in their vicinity.

However, coinciding with the Scottish Government’s new hate crime law, the rules would also put restrictions on the content of songs buskers would be permitted to perform.

It states that any song containing “hate speech” or messaging which encourages discrimination, harassment or violence would be banned.

Residents are being encouraged to share their views on the proposals.

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Tory councillor Ryan Houghton said: “We want to encourage artists because we know the value it can add to the city centre experience.

“However, people live in the centre too, and having an AC/DC cover blasted via an amp under your flat probably isn’t ideal if you’re sleeping off a night shift.

“Any new policy would have to be thoroughly consulted on, taking a light touch approach.”

Residents are being encouraged to share their views on the proposals via an online consultation, which is open until April 21.