A TORY MP has said he was the victim of “cyber flashing” and was the member who first alerted police to the parliamentary honeytrap sexting scam.

Bosworth MP Dr Luke Evans said he had received unsolicited explicit images and messages over WhatsApp.

The Metropolitan Police has said it is investigating reports of the scam as Conservative MP William Wragg revealed he was blackmailed into sharing his colleagues’ phone numbers for fear of intimate images of him being leaked.

Wragg said on Thursday he was “manipulated” into giving the personal phone numbers of colleagues to a man he met on a dating app.

The National: William Wragg is the MP for Hazel Grove in Greater Manchester (UK Parliament/PA)

On Friday, Scotland Yard confirmed it was in contact with Leicestershire Police and Parliamentary Security “following reporting of unsolicited messages to members of Parliament”, amid concerns other MPs and their staff could be victims of blackmail.

“We will assess any reports made to us accordingly,” the Met added.

In a video posted to Facebook on Friday, Dr Evans said: “A month ago I was a victim of cyber flashing and malicious communications and blew the whistle by reporting it to the police and the parliamentary authorities as soon as this happened.

“The first set of messages I got was on a day I was with my wife and I got a one time open photo on WhatsApp of an explicit image of a naked lady. As soon as I got these the next day I reported it to the police, the authorities and the chief whip.

“Ten days later I got another set of messages, this time however, I was sat with my team in the constituency office, so we were able to record the conversation and catch photos and videos of the messages coming through including another explicit female image.

“Why am I talking about this now? Well, I actually wanted it to be private because it’s an ongoing police investigation, it’s been ongoing for a month but you’ve probably seen in the national media, I’ve been hounded by journalists asking me about it, It’s not too difficult to work out there are only a few Leicestershire MPs so I put my name up to say, ‘well, I hope others come forward’.

“I’m just pleased I blew the whistle, reported it to the authorities and it’s now being looked into.”

Wragg told the Times he was “scared” because the man had compromising information on him.

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The MP for Hazel Grove in Greater Manchester said he was sorry for his “weakness”, which has caused hurt for other people.

He said: “They had compromising things on me. They wouldn’t leave me alone. They would ask for people.

“I gave them some numbers, not all of them. I told him to stop. He’s manipulated me and now I’ve hurt other people.

“I got chatting to a guy on an app and we exchanged pictures. We were meant to meet up for drinks, but then didn’t.

“Then he started asking for numbers of people. I was worried because he had stuff on me. He gave me a WhatsApp number, which doesn’t work now.

“I’ve hurt people by being weak. I was scared. I’m mortified.

“I’m so sorry that my weakness has caused other people hurt.”

Earlier this week, it was disclosed that a number of politicians had been contacted by a person who would allege that they had previously met.

Politico reported that these political figures had received the unsolicited messages from two numbers calling themselves “Abi” or “Charlie”.

The messages would include details of the MP’s career and campaigns they had worked on.

The honeytrap sexting scam has been described as “spear phishing”, a type of cyber attack that targets specific groups.

Spear phishing involves scammers pretending to be trusted senders in order to steal personal or sensitive information.

A Parliamentary spokesperson said: “Parliament takes security extremely seriously and works closely with government and the police in response to such incidents.

“We provide Members and staff with tailored advice, making them aware of security risks and how to manage their digital safety.

They added: “We urge any passholders in receipt of suspicious messages to contact the Metropolitan Police’s Parliamentary Liaison and Investigation Team (PLaIT) directly.”

Leicestershire Police has confirmed it is investigating a report of malicious communications after a number of unsolicited messages were sent to a Leicestershire MP last month.

A spokesperson for the force said: “They were reported to police on Tuesday March 19. Inquiries are currently ongoing.”

Andrew Bridgen, the Independent MP for North West Leicestershire, told the PA news agency he was not responsible for the report.

“I am baffled by anyone who thinks that it is a good idea to send pictures of your genitalia to people you barely know,” he added.

The National: Chancellor Jeremy Hunt said Santa would have fewer toys to give out next year and debt interest to pay if he adopted Labour’s borrowing plans (Maja Smiejkowska/PA)

Wragg received support from senior Government figures following his claim, with Chancellor Jeremy Hunt describing his apology as “courageous and fulsome”.

Hunt told broadcasters the emerging scandal was “a great cause for concern”, adding: “But the lesson here for all MPs is that they need to be very careful about cybersecurity, and indeed it is the lesson for members of the public as well, because this is something that we are all having to face in our daily lives.”

Labour former minister Ben Bradshaw was also sympathetic to Mr Wragg’s situation, also telling the BBC: “I think it is the responsibility of all of us to be careful and cautious and act with common sense and responsibility when we are getting these unsolicited messages.”