REPRESENTATIVES on a Scottish Labour student society board have resigned after they were called out on social media for liking tweets from far-fight political party Britain First.

Aberdeen University Labour Student (AULS) told followers on Thursday that "both members have resigned from the executive and quit the society" along with an apology.

The society was called out after one Twitter/X user saw a member had liked a tweet from Britain First which took aim at an Islamic call to prayer being performed in the First Minister’s official residence.

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The post from the fascist group included a video of Sheikh Rabbani performing the ritual, which marked the end of the day’s fasting for Muslims, at an Interfaith Iftar at Bute House.

It stated: "This is Easter weekend in Scotland. Islamic chants in Bute House. Scotland has been Christian for 1400 years."

The society members had also liked several other extreme tweets on their personal accounts including one which stated: "Not only should British nationals be prioritised, non-British nationals should not be entitled to social housing or the welfare state full stop."

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Another, in reply to Yousaf, had written: "We need to shield our kids from your anti-white racism."

In response to the accusations, the Aberdeen society members resigned with the group writing on Twitter/X: "It goes without saying, AULS reject this without reservation. We're truly sorry it happened: it shouldn't have. It's not representative of the society. Our constitution and socialist values explicitly 'oppose bigotry directed against class, race, religion, or any other division'.

"SLS [Scottish Labour Students] are aware and together we're already dealing with this. Both members have resigned from the executive and quit the society. We know it's crucial this is dealt with swiftly, and hope this shows it. It's important members can respond, apologise, be held accountable."

It added: "Again, to everyone - sorry. Our socialism is inclusive, egalitarian, anti-racist and anti-fascist. If anyone has any concerns or questions please direct them to SLS".