AN appeal to help a Palestinian family make the “virtually impossible” journey out of Gaza has been backed by National contributor Owen Jones.

The columnist threw his weight behind a campaign to help Nahedh and his family escape from the region, which has been under sustained assault by Israel for nearly six months.

Jones said Nahedh’s brother had been “killed by the Israeli state” as he urged people to help the family escape from Gaza.

A crowdfunder on GoFundMe, started by John Miller, says: “We pray for an immediate ceasefire amidst appalling losses, but with the border with Egypt closed and violence only rising, families like Nahedh's have no choice but to appeal for funds to escape to safety.

“I first met Nahedh in Albania whilst studying Albanian language. We became friends, particularly brought closer together during a misadventure climbing up a mountain together (we didn't know it was a mountain when we started the hike!) He has been a friend ever since, and it has been heartbreaking seeing the misery that recent events have placed on his family.

“Nahedh and his family have suffered extensively in this war already. Following the destruction of their home and the death/disappearance of two family members, Nahedh and his family fears for their ongoing safety. Most recently, two more family members were injured whilst attempting to receive aid (food/flour), and the family has been displaced multiple times whilst seeking refuge in changing ‘safe zones’.”

Miller said that funding of around $55,000 USD is needed to secure permission to enter Egypt for Nahedh and nine dependents, and pledged to make any payments transparent on the funding page.

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So far, more than £46,000 has already been raised for the family.

Miller said Nahedh has permission to reside in Albania and that would be his final destination.

He wrote: “Fees like these are impossible for most Gazans in normal times, and especially now – Nahedh and his family are financially ruined, with their valuable home destroyed, careers on hold and everyone displaced and living off of aid.

“The family is therefore appealing to kind strangers to help them reach safety and rebuild. Your support is greatly appreciated.”

On Tuesday, Jones shared the fundraiser and urged people to donate.

“Please help me get this family out of Gaza to safety,” he wrote.

“I interviewed Nahedh earlier this year, and now I'm trying to help get his family out of these killing fields. His brother has already been killed by the Israeli state.

“His eldest son, Abduallah, is 19, and at university.

“His eldest daughter is 17 and at secondary school.

“His son Youssef is 15. His youngest daughter is three-and-a-half years old. He is also looking after the children of his murdered brother: one girl, two boys.

“Please spread the word.”

You can find the GoFundMe to help Nahedh and his family here: