THE SNP are on course to win 32 seats at the next General Election while the Tories are predicted to see their worst result in history, according to a major new poll.

They are set to lose 11 MPs, according to a mega-survey carried out by Electoral Calculus.

This would see the SNP lose its third-party status, with a LibDem resurgence tipped to see Ed Davey’s party take 48 seats.

The survey, commissioned by the Daily Mail included more than 18,000 people in multiple polls over recent weeks – and predicted the Tories were on course for their worst result in history.

Based on the status quo, the Conservatives were forecast to be reduced to a mere 80 seats, with Labour on 470.

But the Mail also had results forecast for the possibility the Reform Party – which appears to be damaging the Conservative vote – could reach a deal with the Tories and stand down candidates.

In this scenario, the Tories would retain 133 seats, with Labour on 430, the LibDems picking up 38 and the SNP on 29.

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Under either scenario it would be worse than the 156 MPs the Tories won in 1906, the party's worst ever result in a General Election.

It comes after a poll published on Sunday forecast a 468 seat landslide for Labour with the Tories being wiped out north of the Border.

That poll had the SNP on course to keep all but two of their 43 seats in Scotland with Labour picking up 14 Scottish seats.