HUMZA Yousaf has confirmed he will ask Keir Starmer’s permission to hold another independence referendum if Labour form the next UK Government.

The First Minister said he would “demand” the Labour leader “respects the mandate and the voice of the Scottish people”, should Starmer be handed the keys to Number 10.

Yousaf has previously said that the Scottish Government would commence negotiations with the UK Government on how to give his party’s mandate “democratic effect” if the SNP win the majority of seats. That includes a second referendum.

Speaking to Sky News on Wednesday, Yousaf said: “There’s a 99% chance of UK Labour forming the next government. To me that says that Sir Keir Starmer doesn’t need Scotland to win but Scotland needs SNP MPs to make sure that our voice is heard in Westminster.

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“In terms of a Section 30 order, of course, I will be asking to respect the mandate, not just asking, demanding in fact, that he respects the mandate and the voice of the Scottish people.”

Asked whether he would request another temporary transfer of powers to hold a referendum, the First Minister replied: “Yes, I would seek to do that.”

His previous request to Prime Minister Rishi Sunak when elected as First Minister last year was rejected and Nicola Sturgeon’s requests during her tenure were also dismissed.

Starmer said in July 2022 he would reject requests for a Section 30 order if he was to become prime minister.