ISRAELI soldiers have killed more than 150 Palestinians and arrested 600 people, according to Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP) - who are calling for urgent protections for hundreds of healthcare workers, patients and civilians sheltering and trapped following a five-day siege of a Gaza hospital.

The aid organisation reports that among those trapped in the Shifa Hospital with little food or water are two children. Siblings Rafif Doughnosh, 13, and Rafiq Doughnosh, 15, have had to have their limbs amputated after an Israeli military airstrike.

The strike killed their mother and ten other family members. Currently, Israeli soldiers are blocking aid groups from entering the aid hospital.

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Forces launched another raid on the Gaza Strip’s largest hospital on Monday, saying Hamas militants had regrouped there and had fired on them from inside the site where Palestinian officials say tens of thousands of people have been sheltering.

The military said it killed a Hamas commander who was armed and hiding inside the medical centre, and that one of its own soldiers was killed in the operation.

The army last raided Shifa Hospital in November after claiming that Hamas maintained an elaborate command centre within and beneath the facility.

The military revealed a tunnel leading to some underground rooms, as well as weapons it said were found inside the hospital.

But the evidence fell short of the earlier claims, and critics accused the army of recklessly endangering the lives of civilians.

Later on Monday it emerged that Israel has urged the top UN court to reject the latest request by South Africa for interim orders to prevent starvation in Gaza as part of a case accusing Israel of breaching the Genocide Convention with its military offensive against Hamas.

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In a statement released by MAP, the organisation said: "This is the second time in five months the Israeli military has invaded and trapped civilians inside Shifa Hospital. The last military raid left the hospital largely non-functional and led to the deaths of tens of patients, including premature babies.

"Hospitals, medical staff and civilians all have protected status under international law. That protection must be strictly upheld by all parties to the conflict, and safe access for humanitarians must be guaranteed across all of Gaza."

It comes after Israel said it is investigating footage which was shared by Al Jazeera showing unharmed Palestinians in southern Gaza targeted and killed by drones.

The video published on Thursday showed drones following four Palestinian men before a missile killed two instantly, with other shots fired to kill the two others.

The UN’s special rapporteur for Palestine Francesca Albanese wrote on Twitter/X, that the video added to the  “colossal amount of evidence” of war crimes Israel has committed that the International Criminal Court needs to investigate.

In response to the video, she wrote: "The colossal amount of evidence concerning international crimes committed by Israel in Gaza just over the past 6 months could keep the @IntlCrimCourt busy for the next five decades, especially at the current proceedings pace.

"Accountability is more needed than ever."