DOZENS of Scottish cultural figures including Irvine Welsh, Darren McGarvey, and Young Fathers have signed a boycott pledging to not to perform or exhibit in Israel.

A joint statement announcing a "Scottish Cultural Workers Boycott of Israel" - organised by Bella Caledonia - additionally sees stars pledge not to participate in any events supported by arms companies enabling war in Palestine, or accept any funding from any institution linked to the government of Israel.

The statement is designed to show solidarity with the people of Palestine and oppose the unfolding humanitarian crisis created by Israel’s attack on Gaza in calling for an immediate ceasefire in the region and the release of all hostages.

Other signatories include Booker prize-winning author James Kelman, Scottish folk icon Aly Bain, the Finnish-English artist Hanna Tuulikki, and the Scottish Album of the Year Award winner Kathryn Joseph.

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The statement reads: “In response to the call from Palestinian civil society for a cultural boycott of Israel, we pledge to reject any invitation to perform or exhibit in Israel, nor to accept any funding from any institution linked to the government of Israel, or to participate in events supported by the military and arms companies enabling war in Palestine.

“As cultural workers we refuse to allow our art to be exploited by an apartheid state that disregards international law and universal principles of human rights.

“We call for an immediate ceasefire and humanitarian aid and stand in solidarity with the people of Gaza and wider Palestine. We call for the release of all hostages and political prisoners.”

The project invites support from Scottish cultural workers or people working in Scotland and is open to all from technicians to hospitality workers, to crew and front of house as well as performers and artists.

Kelman (below) said:  "The monstrosities committed by the Israeli state not so much denies their right to live in their own place, it denies their humanity.

The National:

"The Israeli state is saying to the world the Palestinian people have no value, they are worthless, we can do as we wish.

"This is what happens during a genocide. Imperialist authority demonstrates to indigenous peoples that they are inferior forms of humanity.

"The British state fails to act to put an end to the slaughter and is therefore guilty of aiding and abetting in barbarism. The people of Britain must say no to this. We must express our solidarity with the people of Palestine. Their lifeblood is in this struggle.”

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It comes after Scottish music promoters said they "struggle to see how we could return" to a US music festival due to its connections to the ongoing assault of Palestinians in Gaza.

The South by Southwest (SXSW) festival – an annual gathering of cultural festivals in Texas – has been marred this year after dozens of artists cancelled their appearances due to the festival’s connections to the Israel Defence Forces (IDF).

The US Army – which provides billions in military aid to Israel – is one of the festival’s so-called “super sponsors” and SXSW also has a partnership with private defence contractor RTX, formerly known as Raytheon, which is a known supplier of weapons to the Israeli military.

The full list of cultural figures to sign the Scottish Cultural Workers Boycott of Israel is:

  • James Kelman - Writer
  • Hanna Tuulikki - Artist 
  • Jim Sutherland - Producer/Composer
  • Dougie Strang - Writer
  • Kathryn Joseph - Musician
  • Adam Ramsay - Journalist
  • Christopher Brookmyre - Writer
  • Jim Monaghan - Poet
  • Layla-Roxanne Hill - Author
  • Christopher Silver - Writer
  • Kevin Williamson - Writer
  • Peter Arnott - Playwright
  • Jamie Wardrop - Artist
  • Tam Dean Burn - Artist
  • Tony Reekie - Theatre Director
  • Gerry Loose - Poet
  • Iona Fyfe - Musician
  • George Finlay Ramsay - Artist
  • Halina Rifai - Podcast Producer
  • Gerda Stevenson - Actor, Writer
  • Kris Drever - Musician
  • Aidan O’Rourke - Musician
  • Eliza Carthy - Musician
  • Morag McKinnon - Film Director
  • Ross Ainslie - Musician
  • Su-a Lee  - Musician
  • Ken McCluskey - Musician
  • Kate Donnelly - Actor, Director
  • Darren McGarvey - Musician, Author
  • Sophie Ramsay - Singer
  • Dr Alex Boyd - Photographer
  • Rory Scothorne - Writer
  • Aly Bain - Musician
  • Joyce McMillan - Journalist
  • Dave Maric - Composer
  • Mike Small - Writer
  • Angus Farquhar - Creative Director
  • Karen Matheson - Singer
  • Iona Lee - Poet-Artist
  • Linda Duncan McLaughlin - Writer, Actor
  • Gordon Mackinnon - Artist/Musician
  • Neil Cooper - Writer
  • Paul Sng - Filmmaker
  • Arusa Qureshi - Writer, Music programmer
  • David McKay - Actor
  • Calum Colvin - Artist
  • Dave Hook - Musician
  • Irvine Welsh - Writer
  • Robert Alan Jamieson - Poet
  • Stanley Odd - Band
  • George Gunn - Poet
  • Stephen Greenhorn - Dramatist
  • Skye Reynolds - Dancer
  • Samir Mehanovic - Film Maker
  • Cora Bissett - Actor/Director
  • Keith McIvor - DJ/Producer
  • Jonnie Wilkes - DJ/Producer
  • Jill O’Sullivan - Musician
  • Kolbrún Björt Sigfúsdóttir- Director, Playwright
  • Young Fathers - Musicians
  • Caroline Yates – Writer, Producer
  • Mark Brown – Critic and author
  • Michael Pederesen – Poet
  • Stewart Bremner – Artist
  • Kieran Hurley – Playwright
  • Carla J Easton – Singer, Songwriter, Musician
  • Calum Baird – Musician, Singer/Songwriter
  • Owen McLaughlin – Artist, Musician
  • Mike Gunn – Designer
  • Harry Josephine Giles – Writer
  • Talat Yaqoob – Writer
  • Sara Shaarawi – Playwright
  • Neil Findlay – Writer
  • Mira Knoche – Artist
  • Johnny Rodger – Writer
  • Donna McLean – Writer
  • Barry Graham – Novelist and Poet
  • Penny Anderson – Artist
  • Pete Clive – Poet
  • Fiona Ferguson – Creative Director

If you are a Scottish artist, or an artist based in Scotland, and would like to add your signature, click here to get in touch with Bella Caledonia.