A HOST of SNP MPs have written to the Foreign Secretary urging him to demand a full investigation into an Israeli airstrike in Gaza that hit UK civilians.

A letter, sent by SNP MP Martyn Day and signed by 24 of his colleagues, raises concerns that “UK supplied weaponry has been used to attack UK civilians” due to the Israeli military’s use of F16 fighter jets in an airstrike on January 18.

The letter states that British civilians volunteering with Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP) – the charity with which The National raised £110,000 – were hit by the strike despite being in a Gaza “safe zone”.

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Volunteers with the International Rescue Committee (IRC) were also present in the Al Mawasi compound when the Israeli military targeted it, despite its coordinates having been shared as a “sensitive site”, the letter states.

The 25 SNP MPs say: “A UN investigation has since confirmed that the attack involved a GBU32 (MK83) missile package, fired from an F16 jet. F16 jets include parts supplied by the UK.

“We understand you are aware of the above, and the likely situation that UK supplied weaponry has been used to attack UK civilians. We also understand you have raised this incident with the Israeli government, but are yet to receive a satisfactory answer as to how and why this attack happened.

“In fact, MAP and IRC revealed on Sunday that since January 18, various parts of the Israeli military and the Israeli Government have provided six different explanations as to why the airstrike took place. MAP and IRC have concluded that ‘the Israeli military and Government are either unable or unwilling to properly investigate this serious incident’.”

Foreign Secretary David Cameron is then asked five questions:

  • Do you share MAP and IRC's analysis that the Israeli military and Government are unable or unwilling to investigate this incident?
  • Do you accept UK supplied weaponry has been used by a UK ally in attacks on UK civilians?
  • What answers have you personally received from the Israeli Government about this incident?
  • Will you now demand a full, independent and timebound investigation into this attack, resulting in a conclusive, public report?
  • Will you urgently review the selling and supply of arms and parts to Israel?

The SNP MPs also repeated calls for a ceasefire in Gaza.

The concerns about F16 fighters being used by the Israeli military come after UN experts said that nations including the UK must stop weapons exports to Israel immediately.

In a joint statement, special rapporteurs, working groups, and independent experts with the UN said states such as the UK must “refrain from transferring any weapon or ammunition – or parts for them – if it is expected, given the facts or past patterns of behaviour, that they would be used to violate international law".

It added: “Such transfers are prohibited even if the exporting state does not intend the arms to be used in violation of the law – or does not know with certainty that they would be used in such a way – as long as there is a clear risk.”

A Foreign Office spokesperson said: “The Foreign Secretary has underlined the need for Israel to ensure effective deconfliction in Gaza and to take all possible measures to ensure the safety of medical personnel and facilities.”