HUMZA Yousaf has vowed to visit “every single constituency” in Scotland during the General Election campaign.

Speaking to BBC journalist Martin Geissler on BBC Scotland’s The Sunday Show, the First Minister was asked for his thoughts about Stephen Flynn’s comments regarding the SNP’s impounded campervan.

On Saturday, Flynn was asked by journalists whether he wanted to see the campervan back in the hands of the SNP after it was reported that senior figures within the party were eager to see it returned.

Flynn then wryly suggested that it could be put to good use as accommodation for the Tartan Army during Scotland’s upcoming games in the Euros.

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“Look, hotels in Germany for the Euros are going to be really expensive,” Flynn told journalists during an SNP gathering in Perth.

“So, if there’s a campervan that I and thousands of other Scotland fans can crash in that’s available, then I’m sure that will be a delight for the Tartan Army.”

During the interview Yousaf was asked by Geissler if he agreed with Flynn’s comments.

He said: “I’m not going to get into a live police investigation.

“If you want to ask Stephen about his comments, feel free to bring Stephen on your programme.

“But I’ll say as leader of the SNP, very clearly, that my job is not to in any way prejudice a live police investigation.”

The National: Stephen Flynn joked that the Tartan Army should put the impounded campervan to good useStephen Flynn joked that the Tartan Army should put the impounded campervan to good use

Geissler replied: “He has been asked about that and he doubled down on it with a big grin on his face, I have to say.

“The other thing that’s been suggested about this campervan, by the way, is that it would seriously be very useful to your party to use in an election campaign, as a campaign asset.

“It’s a bit of a trope now, this thing. Would you travel around the country in it campaigning?”

Once again, Yousaf declined to comment on the police investigation but said he intended to campaign across Scotland during the General Election.

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“Again, I’m not going to comment on a live police investigation but I do salute you indefatigability in your attempts to do so,” said Yousaf, laughing. 

“What I can say about the election campaign is that whatever mode of transport I’m using I intend to get to every single constituency up and down this gorgeous and beautiful country to make the case that it is only with SNP MPs that Scotland’s will be heard in Westminster.”

It comes after Yousaf urged party members to fight for and win every seat currently occupied by a Tory MP at the upcoming General Election.