HUMZA Yousaf will urge SNP members to “make history” by making Scotland “Tory free” at the General Election, as the party’s campaign council meets in Perth.

The SNP leader will say his party is second in each of the Tory-held seats in Scotland, while claiming most constituencies will be a “straight fight” between the two parties.

The meeting at Perth Concert Hall will see members and delegates from across Scotland come together to discuss policy and the upcoming general election.

Yousaf will say: “In this election, we have the chance to make Scotland Tory free.

“We can make history. And there’s only one way to do it.

“Most seats across Scotland are a straight fight between the SNP and the Tories – and the SNP are in second place in each seat the Tories hold.

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“Let us resolve, here and now, to win all of those Tory seats.

“From Aberdeenshire to the Borders, let’s free this country of the Tories once and for all.

“We need to reject not just Tory politicians, but Tory policies, Tory ideas and Tory values.

“That means rejecting them whether they’re delivered by someone in a blue rosette or a red one.

Labour have made it clear that Scotland is an afterthought, that is why they are prepared to risk 100,000 Scottish jobs to build new nuclear power plants in England.”

Responding to Yousaf’s comments, Scottish Conservative deputy leader Meghan Gallacher (below) said: “Humza Yousaf is desperately trying to pull the wool over voters’ eyes in the areas his urban-centric party have abandoned in rural Scotland.

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“Voters in those areas – and in swathes of seats across Scotland – know only the Scottish Conservatives can beat the SNP and move the focus away from their independence obsession and on to Scotland’s real priorities.”

Meanwhile, Scottish Labour deputy leader Dame Jackie Baillie said: “Humza Yousaf is spending yet another weekend trying to cobble together a coherent General Election strategy, but the truth is he has nothing to offer voters.

“The SNP has a woeful record in government and no ideas for the future – and they don’t even have a plan to deliver their one policy of independence.

“Humza Yousaf cannot claim the SNP will speak for Scotland while they are defending the obscene profits of oil and gas giants over the interests of Scots struggling with high energy bills.

“While the SNP shout from the sidelines, Scottish Labour will put Scotland’s voice at the heart of government and deliver better pay, lower bills, a growing economy and stronger public services.”