THE "world’s largest manufacturer of tartan" has been given the green light to expand.

Plans have been rubber-stamped by Scottish Borders Council to extend the size of the visitor centre located within Lochcarron of Scotland at Waverley Mill in Selkirk.

The Lochcarron Visitor Centre is a five-star Visit Scotland Attraction at the mill complex.

In a submission with the application, managing director Dawn Robson-Bell, says: “In 2022 we successfully reduced the size of and relocated our Lochcarron Visitor Centre (LVC) and it has now become an integral part of the main mill complex.

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“Although proving very popular we realised that giving over some additional space would hugely benefit the visitor experience.

“Our visitor centre is important to the business as a source of revenue and interest, however, it is a relatively small part of our overall turnover. It has been and will continue to be a prestigious part of what we do and our shop window to local and international visitors as well as a great showcase for us when we have trade customers and prospects visiting us.

“In terms of retail visitors, we have never sought out large scale tours and would not do so going forward, it’s just what we can cater for at any level.  In general, our visitors tend to be family or small groups looking a unique experience and clients looking for bespoke kilt outfits.

“We are happy this is another positive opportunity for Lochcarron to invest and grow the business.”

In a report approving the application, Alla Hassan, SBC’s assistant planning officer, said: “Whilst this will increase the Class 10 use within the overall industrial unit, the increase is considered to be marginal and remains ancillary to the main business use and will therefore not undermine it.

“As such, the principle of the proposal is considered to be acceptable.”