A VIRAL social media post has caused people to question whether the London Eye is being moved to Scotland.

On Sunday, a post joking that the famous landmark had been dismantled to be moved to Loch Lomond was shared on the Travel Scotland Goals Group on Facebook.

The post also featured pictures of the Eye being taken apart and laid on the River Thames.

The viral post stated: "Footage from London today as the former 'London Eye' is dismantled, ready for the long journey to the banks of Loch Lomond.

The National:

"Originally planned as a tourist attraction for Loch Lomond, it was leased to the City of London for 25 years, now expiring."

An addition to the post claimed that the landmark would from then be known as "The Loch Lomond Aye" and will be moved over the Easter weekend.

The post also said: "The two-mile long convoy of sections will be moving at 10mph. Police have advised to expect some delays."

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The post has now had more than 7000 comments, with 12,000 shares and 36,000 reactions.

One user asked: "Is it taking the High road, or the Low road?"

Another added: "I heard that they were going to use local specially trained haggis to drive it round rather than traditional methods of power."

Others questioned whether the post was real, admitting that they had searched online to verify it.

One user said they hoped to get a refund for their scheduled visit in April to the attraction in London – while others replied that it was "fake news".