A COURT appeal over a Scottish council's decision to block an Orange Order walk from going ahead will be heard on Friday.

Aberdeenshire Council had determined that the parade in Stonehaven could have been a threat to safety and community life, and had concerns over undue strain on the police force.

However, an appeal is due to take place at Aberdeen Sheriff Court on Friday. If successful, the parade could still take place on March 16.

The Grand Orange Lodge of Scotland - who lodged the appeal - has said that if it wins the appeal, the event will proceed as a "peaceful and respectful procession" on Saturday.

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The plans led to a huge backlash with more than 10,000 people signing a petition calling for the parade to be banned, which was set to mark the opening of an Orange Lodge in Stonehaven.

David Walkers, executive officer at the Grand Orange Lodge of Scotland, previously rejected accusations of “anti-Catholic and anti-Irish hostility” made against the procession by the petition.

"This is usually the allegation that is posted against us without any evidence to suggest that is the case,” he said.

"We're a very peaceful organisation, all of our members conduct themselves in the proper manner."