SOUTH Lanarkshire parents are staging an event to protest the council’s proposals to cut school transport.

Parents from Cambuslang will take part in a "mass drive" on Monday (March 11) to get an idea of how heavy the traffic will be if the council’s plans are approved.

The local authority made proposals to alter the qualifying free transport distance a mainstream secondary school pupil must live from their catchment area to three miles; it is currently only two miles.

Now, 81 parents from Cathkin High, Stonelaw High and Trinity High have expressed their plans to take part in the event and protest the council’s proposals.

A parent from Cathkin High said: “We currently have 81 participants driving to school on Monday, March 11.  This is to demonstrate the extra congestion that will be caused if the proposal goes ahead to increase the allocation of school buses from two miles to three miles.”

The group have already held various protests including a walk to test how suitable the council’s proposed "safe walking routes" are as well as holding various meetings with officials to express their concerns.

The council held public meetings in January and February to gather local thoughts on the proposal, a consultation has also been launched, which has been extended by two weeks, it is now open until March 15 and can be accessed here.