THE ALBA Party have unveiled a bid to put the Grangemouth oil refinery closure at the centre of their General Election campaign, The National can reveal.

They have announced they have put proposals to the Electoral Commission to feature the phrase “save Grangemouth” in their ballot paper description.

The party has featured prominently in the campaign to save the refinery, which bosses want to transform into a fuel import hub – a move expected to see 400 jobs axed as a result.

Alba have cleared nine other descriptions with the Electoral Commission – all but one of which include the word “independence”.

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But the campaign could leave Alba vulnerable to criticism from some in the Yes movement they have sidelined the independence cause – with the SNP this week revealing a new logo featuring the phrase “for independence”.

Humza Yousaf’s party has itself faced criticism – especially from the Alba Party – over its independence strategy.

He was last month criticised by Alex Salmond for failing to mention independence during a party political broadcast.

An Alba spokesperson said: “Obviously we respect that this is an application that is currently being considered by the Electoral Commission.

“However, when it comes to saving the Grangemouth oil refinery as a national asset for the whole country, as well as energy security for the future there is no bigger challenge facing Scotland right now.

“That is why Alba Party launched a campaign to Save Grangemouth.

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“Alba Party will stand with workers and ensure that Grangemouth does not go down without a fight and we will pressure both the Scottish and UK governments to now get off the fence and back the workers wholeheartedly in their fight to save their jobs, their communities and the industrial future of Scotland. Anything less would be a betrayal of these workers and of Scotland.”

The move comes after a tough week for Alba which saw the resignations of two high-profile members

Eva Comrie, who quit the party in a row over gender recognition, has announced she will run as an independent in the new Alloa and Grangemouth constituency.