CREATING a newspaper with an all-women team has been a fantastic experience, and tomorrow will finally see the publication of the special edition

While The National already has more women working on staff and regularly contributing than men, working with women only on this edition has put a spotlight on the kind of work often going unpitched in male-dominated newsrooms everywhere.

I'm excited for people to see what we have been working on. Remember, it's the first time since Lesley Riddoch's Scotswoman of 1995 that a Scottish daily paper has been written, produced, and subbed by an all-woman team, from front-page to back (including sports). Something like this hasn't been done in my lifetime, and there has never been a pro-independence version.

To get ready for Friday's special edition, we've been asking our female contributors who their most iconic Scotswoman of all time is. You can watch the responses from the likes of Lesley, Kelly Given and Ruth Wishart below, with more video content to come today and tomorrow.

We've got so much in store, looking at challenges for and success stories from women in politics, arts and culture, the criminal justice system, activism, history, technology, energy and much more. There will also be special online-only content published on Friday.

We will also have multiple spreads dedicated to the women of Palestine, who have been experiencing challenges most of us here could not possibly imagine. On Saturday we'll be announcing a new project along those lines, so watch this space.

Don't forget to pick up a copy of our historic edition tomorrow for International Women's Day and help us to champion Scotland's wonderful women!