A HUGE mural made from over 30,000 bottle caps has been unveiled in Glasgow today - inspired by Italian artist Sandro Botticelli.

The 25ft tall artwork - appropriately named "Bottlecelli" - was commissioned by the supermarket Lidl to celebrate 253,000 containers of PET plastic and aluminium recycled through the brand’s return scheme pilot that launched in February.

The giant mural "turning trash into treasure" re-imagines early renaissance painter Botticelli’s famous Birth of Venus and is designed to encourage more shoppers and passers-by to play their part in reducing plastic pollution.

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The National:

Lidl teamed up with renowned mural artist Smug and Yardworks, the graffiti programme at SWG3 in Glasgow's West End - Scotland’s leading multi-disciplinary arts venue - to complete the project.

Laura Frood, engagement and participation lead at SWG3 Glasgow, said: “It’s been a pleasure working alongside Lidl, Sam (Smug) and the wider team here at SWG3 to create 'Bottlecelli' over the past month.

"The mural looks fantastic and is testament to the talented team of artists and students who were able to make art from waste bottle tops. 

“Beyond the mural, the partnership has also seen investment into our Yardworks Programme and street arts festival which will take place May 4-5.”

The artwork is embellished in parts with a mix of bottle caps due to be recycled, as well as bottle caps already recycled through the scheme. 

The National:

Marco Ivone, Lidl’s regional director for Scotland, said: “Since launching last month, we’ve had an overwhelming response to our pilot return scheme and ‘Bottlecelli’ is an opportunity for us to give something back to the Glasgow community.

We know our customers share our passion for sustainability, and saving money, and we hope even more people take advantage of the schemes as we continue to invest in ways to ensure recycling is as convenient as possible.” 

Lidl’s return scheme pilot launched in February and will run until August. 

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Shoppers receive a 5p reward for each eligible item that they return, which can either be redeemed against their weekly shop or donated to the supermarket’s charity partner The STV Children’s appeal.

The supermarket anticipates the trial scheme will result in a minimum 10.5 tonnes of plastic and aluminium material being recycled each month, with the material set to be retained and used to create new plastic and aluminium products.

You can find more about the scheme and how you can donate here

To visit the Bottlecelli mural, head to 100 Eastvale Place, Glasgow, G3 8QG.