THE SNP’s proposed new logo and party name for the General Election has been published.

It follows the passing of a resolution at the SNP’s national conference in October 2023.

Delegates agreed the SNP should “seek to add the words ‘Independence for Scotland’ or words to that effect, to the party’s name and logo on the General Election ballot papers to make it clear beyond doubt what’s at stake at this election”.

Now, the Electoral Commission has published the proposed new ballot name and logo.

The four names are:

  • Scottish National Party – Independence for Scotland
  • SNP – Independence for Scotland
  • Scottish National Party – For Scottish Independence
  • SNP – For Scottish Independence

The new logos include the classic stylised thorn at the top above the letters SNP. One then has the word “independence”, while the other has “for independence”.

The National:

The SNP said that their pre-existing logo is still available for selection, but other options had been added for consideration.

The conference resolution proposing the change was passed as delegates debated independence strategy and a motion from SNP leader Humza Yousaf and Westminster group leader Stephen Flynn.

Keith Brown, the depute leader of the SNP, said: “Independence is vital to creating a better Scotland for everyone – it is the only way we can properly tackle the Westminster-made cost of living crisis, protect public services like the NHS and build a fairer economy that works for us all.

“While the Westminster parties continue to try to deny people across Scotland having a choice over our their future, we are making it clear that a vote for the SNP at the General Election is a vote for decisions about Scotland to be made in Scotland with independence.”

While the Tory government is keeping its options open and deliberations secret, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is believed to be considering holding a General Election in October or November.

However, other Westminster rumours suggest he may opt for a snap election in May.

On Tuesday, Labour shadow paymaster general Jonathan Ashworth placed a bet on live TV that the election would be held in just two months.

The SNP's resolution, passed at conference, will see the party treat winning a majority of Scottish seats as a mandate to open independence negotiations with the UK Government.

Under new boundaries, there will be 57 Scottish MPs elected at the next General Election, with 29 representing a majority.