A MANUFACTURING giant is to open new offices in Glasgow in a move which is expected to create more than 100 jobs.

Rolls-Royce announced plans on Monday, March 4 to create new submarine offices in both Glasgow and Cardiff.

The locations have been selected as part of a bid to help access the skilled talent pools in both areas, the firm said, with more than 100 jobs to be created in each city.

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In March 2023, it was confirmed Rolls-Royce submarines would provide all the nuclear reactor plants that will power new attack submarines as part of the tri-lateral agreement between Australia, the UK and the US.

In October, reports said the firm was looking to cut up to 2500 jobs in a bid to save costs.

For the office in Glasgow, the focus is on recruiting those with a pedigree in electrical controls and instrumentation as well as cyber-security, the firm said.

Reacting to the news, Scottish Secretary Alister Jack said: “Scottish skills, expertise and innovation make an enormous contribution to the UK’s defence industry, with massive benefits for our national security and economy.

“The UK Government is committed to growing our economy, including by working with the defence industry, with massive benefits for our national security and economy.”

Rolls-Royce Submarines currently employs more than 4000 people to design, manufacture and provide in-service support to the pressurised water reactors to power the Royal Navy’s submarine fleet.

It also support submarines when in the naval base at Faslane.

In January, concerns were raised about the safety of the UK nuclear fleet – with two submarines still in action previously predicted to have been out of commission by this year.

Former top government adviser Dominic Cummings sparked interest in the state of the nuclear fleet after he revealed he had attempted to secure assurances the UK Government would address the “horror show” of the arsenal in return for his help in Rishi Sunak’s election campaign.