CHANCELLOR Jeremy Hunt is set to appear on Laura Kuenssberg's Sunday morning politics show. 

He will be interviewed by Kuenssberg and a panel will react live to the conversation on the upcoming budget, recent political news, and strategy ahead of the General Election.

He will be joined by Shadow Education Secretary Bridget Phillipson and Mia Janin’s father Mariano Janin.

Mia Janin, a Year 10 pupil at the Jewish Free School (JFS) in Kenton, north-west London, was found dead at her family home in 2021. She killed herself after being bullied.

But who else is set to appear on the BBC show?

On the panel, Kuenssberg is set to be joined by businessman Rocco Forte, economist Andy Haldane and housing journalist Vicky Spratt.

Sunday with Laura Kuenssberg airs on BBC One and BBC iPlayer starting from 9am until 10am.