THE Scottish Tories have been forced to share their conference venue in Aberdeen with a George Michael tribute act "due to low ticket sales".

The conference kicked off at the P&J Live Arena on Friday as Prime Minister Rishi Sunak arrived for a flying visit to the north east.

But it has emerged Douglas Ross’s party are having to share the space with musical act Fast Love – A Tribute to George Michael.

Sandwiched between two days where Tory politicians will attempt to convince Scottish voters to get behind them, the show promises a “night like no other” packed full of Wham! hits and George Michael favourites such as Careless Whisper and Freedom.

SNP MP Richard Thomson said the low interest in the conference shows “the sun is going down” on the Tories.

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He said: "Voters in Scotland have so little faith in Sunak’s failing leadership that the Prime Minister has been forced to share a stage at his party conference due to low tickets sales.
"And no wonder – his predecessor’s careless whispers tanked the economy leaving the Tory party simply praying for time until the next general election.
"Rishi Sunak will today attempt to convince voters, and a smattering of Tory members, he’s their man – but his calls will fall on deaf ears long before the night’s headline act kicks off.
"With a George Michael tribute downstairs and a second-rate Boris Johnson tribute act upstairs – it may not be Club Tropicana at the P&J Live, but we’re all too aware the Tories know how to throw an after-hours party.
"The sun is going down on the Tories sordid time in Number 10.”

Pictures of a very quiet P&J Arena were posted on social media as the party grapples with dwindling support north of the Border.

A fresh poll from Survation has shown the SNP would return 38% of the vote at the next General Election while Labour would be five points behind on 33%.

The Tories were estimated to win just 15% of the votes in Scotland, the lowest vote share for the party since Liz Truss was prime minister.

The Scottish Greens called on the Tories to deliver a “full and frank” apology to Scotland at the conference.

MSP Maggie Chapman said: “They have given us a Brexit that they all know is a disaster, costing jobs, hiking prices and curbing our rights to live and travel in 27 other countries.

“They have given us the car crash of Trussonomics, which we are all still paying for. And they have given us a cost of living crisis, with bills and inflation hugely outstripping wages.

“If they have any contrition or dignity then they must open with a full and frank apology for the human cost and the pain they have inflicted.

“They have no solutions for Aberdeen or for Scotland. They are offering more of the same climate chaos and failed economics while pushing increasingly extreme and racist anti-migrant policies.

“The people of Scotland have rejected the Tories time and again, as I am confident we will do again this year when we go to the polls.”