AN “inspiring” film about Denmark which is being shown across Scotland has added four extra dates to its tour.

Denmark: The State of Happiness has been produced by broadcaster and National columnist Lesley Riddoch, and filmmaker Charlie Stuart,  and aims to inspire Scots to think differently about how a small country can be run.

It is the latest in a series of films Riddoch has already presented on Estonia, Norway, Iceland and the Faroes.

Now four new dates have been added to the tour across Scotland, including an extra show in Edinburgh, with tickets available HERE.

A number of the events have already sold out but you can still buy them for the following dates:

  • Adelaide Church Glasgow – March 15 at 7pm
  • Erskine Arts – March 16 from 1-3pm
  • Cameo Picturehouse Edinburgh – April 4 from 6.30-8.30pm
  • Kirkcaldy Adam Smith Theatre – April 5 from 7-9pm  
  • YesArran – April 26 from 7.30-9.30pm

Writing on Twitter/X, Riddoch said: “Awfy chuffed the Cameo have organised a second screening of Denmark film on Thursday April 4 at 6.30pm with Q&A afterwards.”

Riddoch previously spoke with The National about the film and said: “Each of these films is trying to colour in essentially just a slogan or a headline people use.

“I’m not suggesting any of these countries are attainable, we’re different from every country and they are different from each other, but the outlooks and values we have absolutely chime.

“The hope is people after it will feel sad because that (life in Denmark) should be Scotland.

“There’s no reason the level of prosperity and confidence these guys have got shouldn’t be Scotland’s, but there are reasons.

“We’re not an independent country and we’ve struggled with feudalism. This is not trying to ram independence down anyone’s throat, it’s just saying ‘here’s another country that’s got far fewer resources than Scotland, here’s what they’ve done, go figure’.

“Other ways of running a small country are available and they are right over there.”

The film explores a range of subjects including transport infrastructure and features interviews with dozens of Danes – many of whom have visited Scotland.