FIRST Minister Humza Yousaf has said he is “deeply sorry” in a message to Palestinians who he said had been “let down by governments”.

Yousaf took to Twitter/X to share a clip from his interview with Middle East Eye, in which he was asked what his message would be to Palestinians in Gaza.

It comes following reports that at least 50 Palestinians were killed while waiting for food aid in Gaza City.

The First Minister said: “To the people of Gaza, my message to them – sorry. I’m deeply sorry because you have been let down by governments, you’ve been let down by those in power, you’ve been let down by multinational institutions that were meant to protect you.

“And we couldn’t even protect children. That is the first responsibility of any government, is to keep its citizens safe.

“And as a world community, as an international community, we have let you down. And I am so, so sorry how we have let you down.”

Israel’s assault on Gaza has resulted in the death of more than 29,000 Palestinians with the majority of those killed said to be women and children.

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UN officials have warned of further mass casualties if Israel follows through on vows to attack the southernmost city of Rafah, where more than half of Gaza’s population of 2.3 million has taken refuge.

They also say that a Rafah offensive could collapse the aid operation that has already been crippled in the fighting.

The UN has said more than 576,000 people are a step away from famine with many relying on animal fodder to survive.  

Writing on Twitter/X where he shared the video, Yousaf added: “In an interview with @MiddleEastEye, I was asked what my message is to the people of Gaza. It’s simple, I am so sorry we, the world, have let you down.

“We couldn’t stop the children from being killed in their thousands. A permanent stain on our collective conscience.”