A GROUP of Unionist peers will look to force an early Holyrood election if the SNP lose their majority at Westminster in the next General Election.

Labour lord George Foulkes announced the plan was his “next project” on social media, as he put out a call for constitutional experts to help advise on how it could be done.

Foulkes is part of a newly formed group of Unionist peers, alongside former LibDem deputy first minister Jim Wallace and former Scottish Tory leader Annabel Goldie, who are aiming to pressure the UK Government to curb Scottish Government spending.

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Writing on social media on Tuesday, Foulkes said: “Next project is to look at how we can get an early election to Holyrood if the SNP lose a majority of seats at Westminster. Any advice from constitutional experts would be welcome.”

Recent polling has suggested that the SNP could return 40 Scottish MPs at the next General Election, which would be a majority of the 57 constituencies under the newly drawn boundaries.

Responding to Foulkes, history professor and former SNP election candidate Duncan Ross said: “Unelected peer demonstrates once again his failure to understand either democracy or devolution.”

Others also dismissed the idea, with one user writing: "I was taught constitutional law by the late great John Smith, George, and unfortunately that is a no hoper."

The next General Election is expected to be called later in 2024, while the next Holyrood election will take place in 2026.