THE Scottish Government is considering plans to crack down on junk food with restrictions on meal deals and special offers on sugary snacks.

Proposals include banning shops from cutting the price of unhealthy foods and consideration of how new rules could “target meals deals” while promoting healthier alternatives.

The Scottish Government is also considering whether to ban shops from placing sugary drinks and fatty foods near tills, where shoppers are more likely to impulse buy.  

A consultation has been launched for the public to have its say on the plans.

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Public Health Minister Jenni Minto said: “We need to address the high levels of excess weight, obesity and poor diet we know are contributing to worsening trends in Scotland’s health.

“The association between these issues and health outcomes such as heart disease, type two diabetes and certain cancers has been established for some time.

“We want to ensure Scotland is a place where we eat well and have a healthy weight.

“The Scottish Government is committed to restricting promotions of foods high in fat, sugar or salt at the point of purchase as research shows this is when people make decisions about what and how much to buy, for themselves and their families.”

The consultation will run for 12 weeks, closing on May 21, 2024.