A MUSICIAN'S “disco” take on traditional Scottish music has gone viral on social media.

Elias Alexander, originally from Ashland, Oregon, has posted a video on his Instagram account showing off his take on Scottish trad music.

The video showed him playing the track Fiddle Disco with the caption: “I grew up playing Scottish fiddle but I love disco and pop production so I made a track that combines both. Hope you like it!”

According to his website, his new project “Ramblxr” sees him using a variety of instruments, including bagpipes, fiddle and guitar “alongside his catchy, pop-influenced dance production”.

His website adds: “Elias grew up in Ashland, Oregon, where he cultivated deep roots in Scottish traditional music, studying bagpipes, fiddle, whistle and guitar from a young age.”

It explained that he relocated to the US’s east coast in 2009 and he has since “made a name for himself as one of America’s finest exponents of traditional Scottish music”.

He has worked with a number of the “greats of Celtic music,” including Alasdair Fraser and Gillebrìde MacMillan – who previously served as the Gaelic consultant on Outlander.

His latest video has picked up almost 55,000 likes and hundreds of people left comments saying how much they were loving the track.

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“I need this in my Scottish playlist NOW please,” said one user.

Another described it as “excellent” while a third said: “Oh we love a disco reel.”

“That’s seriously awesome,” said one Instagram user while somebody else commented that it had gave them “goosebumps”.