CAMPAIGNERS in Glasgow have handed out stolen food in a bid to force supermarkets to lower their prices.

On Sunday morning 3 members of the This Is Rigged activist group set up a stall on Buchanan Street in Glasgow with a banner which read “WE STOLE THIS FOOD”.

The trio described the event as “redistributive action” as they handed out rolls with vegan sausages, potato scones, and tea and coffee.

This Is Rigged is calling on supermarkets to slash the cost of baby formula to March 2021 prices and wants the Scottish Government to fund the creation of a community food hub per every 500 households in Scotland.

A statement read: “We are asking for the bare minimum: our inalienable human right to baseline food security; but we are also asking for dignity.

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“No longer will we beg for scraps from the tables of greedy CEOs.

“No longer will we be at the mercy of corporations who price us out of eating on a whim, dependent on them to provide us with our foundational needs.

“No longer will we tolerate a criminally incompetent government that refuses to address the crisis of food insecurity in this country.”

Xander Cloudsley, 30, is a community food coordinator who was part of the action in Glasgow. He said it was “unforgivable” that supermarket bosses were enjoying large salaries while some struggled to feed themselves.

"The food we have stolen to feed people today completely pales in comparison to what has been stolen from us by greedy, profiteering corporates like Tesco's Ken Murphy and Sainsbury's Simon Roberts.

The National: This Is Rigged gave away free tattie scones on George Square earlier this monthThis Is Rigged gave away free tattie scones on George Square earlier this month (Image: This Is Rigged)

“These men and their peers have made the informed, conscious decision to starve people during a cost of living crisis just to add an extra zero to the end of their bank balances.

“This behaviour is unforgivable, pathetic and disgraceful and they will only get away with this cowardly, violent behaviour as long as we let them.

“I'm taking action today because I believe peoples' welfare far supersedes supermarkets' profit margins. I think most people would agree."

Lennox, a student from Paisley, added that other issues impacting people couldn’t be solved until they were properly fed.

“The human right to food is more important than a company’s right to profit,” they said.

“I no longer want to stand by while the country is pushed further into food insecurity so that some CEO can have a ‘good quarter.’ “We are in the midst of multiple intersecting crises, but we can’t even start addressing them until the people are properly fed.”

Tesco and Sainsbury's have been contacted for comment.