THE BBC has been urged to correct a headline about the suspension of Lee Anderson after being accused of minimising the MP’s behaviour.

On Saturday, Anderson had the Conservative Party whip removed after he refused to apologise for accusing Mayor of London Sadiq Khan of being controlled by “Islamists”.

However, despite numerous accusations of Islamophobia – including from within his own party - the BBC headline claimed Anderson was suspended due to “criticism” of Khan.

It read: “MP suspended over criticism of London mayor”.

On X/Twitter, the post is now subject to a community note highlighting the reasons for Anderson’s suspension.

It states: “Former Tory deputy chairman Lee Anderson has been suspended from the Conservative party after 'refusing to apologise' for Islamophobic comments aimed at Sadiq Khan.”

Former journalist and SNP MP John Nicolson said the headline was an “error in judgement” from the BBC.

He said: “'Criticism of'? You mean ‘ranting racist diatribe about’? What an error of judgement by @BBCNews to post this as a headline”

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While political commentator and National columnist Owen Jones described the headline as “vile”.

“This is vile from the BBC,” he said. “It wasn’t ‘criticism’. It was a racist smear”.

Alison Phipps, Unesco chair for refugee integration through languages and arts at the University of Glasgow, also added her condemnation of the headline.

“Racism, Islamophobia and antisemitism are not ‘criticism’ @BBCNews.

“Criticism is not a crime. Racism is.”

It comes after Rishi Sunak failed to address Lee Anderson’s suspension despite warning of an “explosion of prejudice” in UK politics.

The BBC updated the headline later on Saturday to read: "Lee Anderson: MP suspended from Tory party over 'Islamists' comments".