QUESTIONS are being asked after Sky News deleted a video clip showing Keir Starmer admit to having private talks with the President of Israel.

During an interview with the channel on Thursday, Starmer was quizzed about whether his party pressured Speaker Lindsay Hoyle into accepting Labour’s amendment to an SNP Opposition Day motion calling for an “immediate ceasefire in Gaza and Israel”.

It came after the House of Commons descended into chaos on Wednesday when Hoyle broke long-established parliamentary convention by picking the Labour amendment for consideration.

Speaking to Sky News, Starmer “categorically denied” pressuring Hoyle to accept Labour’s amendment despite reports suggesting he did.

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He added: “The proposition I put on the table in that amendment was crafted by me after I came back from the Munich Security Conference having spoken to Secretary of State Blinken, having spoken to the Prime Minister of Qatar, having spoken to the President of Israel.

“I.e. having spoken to the people who are actually involved in trying to wait for this awful conflict.

“I wanted that proposition heard and voted on and my MPs wanted to vote on it”.

While the full interview is still available on the Sky News YouTube page, the clip was deleted from the broadcaster’s X/Twitter after questions were raised in the comments about Starmer’s meeting with Israeli President Isaac Herzog ahead of the planned ceasefire vote. 

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Herzog has previously been criticised after photographs showed him signing Israeli bombs set to be dropped on Gaza.

His comments in the wake of the October 7 attack by Hamas on Israel were also cited in South Africa’s International Court of Justice case as expressing genocidal intent.

In the days after the attack Herzog said it was not only Hamas militants who were responsible but “an entire nation” and vowed that Israel would fight “until we break their backbone”.

Sky News have been contacted for comment.