A PARTY has called for Starmer to be reported to the Privileges Committee over allegations that the Labour Party intimidated Speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle ahead of the SNP’s opposition day debate on a ceasefire in Gaza.

A request was made to the committee by Neale Hanvey, an Alba Party MP and the party’s Westminster leader, who said it was “essential to establish if Starmer coerced the Speaker” into accepting a Labour amendment on the motion.

This meant that the SNP motion was not voted on, and Hoyle (below) is now facing calls to resign over the incident.

The National:

As of Tuesday morning, 81 MPs – mostly Conservative and SNP – have signed a motion of no confidence in the Speaker.

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Hanvey called for an investigation into allegations that the Labour leader is in contempt of the House of Commons.

He added that the focus must be put back on “the important issue of ending the killing in Gaza” and ensuring an immediate ceasefire is established.

The National: Neale Hanvey

Hanvey’s full request to the Privileges Committee reads: “Dear Ms Harman and committee members,

“In the course of the last twenty-four hours, it has been reported in the media and to the chamber that the Leader of the Opposition and/or those acting on his behalf applied unwarranted and unacceptable pressure on the Speaker of the House for political purposes.

“It has been alleged that this course of conduct was pursued to ensure that the Labour amendment to the SNP motion for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza was given priority as the Leader of the Opposition sought to prevent his members voting against the Labour party whip.

“Furthermore, it has been alleged that the Speaker was subjected to coercive threats relating to the support he could expect to receive from the Labour Party in any upcoming General Election to force his hand to break with convention and act against the advice of the Clerk of the House.

“In order to reassure the house, I am asking the Committee of Privileges to initiate an urgent and rapid investigation into the allegations set out above, including any and all related matters.

“I would also request that any such investigation specifically examine the actions of Leader of the Opposition and consider whether the Rt Hon member's conduct amounted to a contempt of the House.”

The latest action by Alba is not an official referral to the Privileges Committee. For that to happen, a motion must be passed in the House of Commons to refer Starmer to the committee.