HOLYROOD'S Health Committee has conditionally backed the Scottish Government's proposed National Care Service (NCS) plan amid concerns over a lack of clarity on how it would work.

The Scottish Government has pressed ahead with proposals for the NCS, which will see social care brought under a single organisation.

The bill to set up the NCS is yet to face its first debate and has been criticised by care providers, unions and politicians. It has also been delayed to 2029 in a bid to save money.

Criticisms include the uncertainty over how much the plans will cost and the Government’s decision to pass a framework bill, with specific functions of the NCS devised through a process of “co-design”.

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In its report, released on Thursday, the Health, Social Care and Sport Committee at Holyrood supported the general principles of the bill, subject to the publication of the amendments to be lodged at stage two, urging the Government to publish the materials by March 29 at the latest.

MSPs said: “The committee is also concerned that the Scottish Government has so far been unable to articulate and communicate a model of how the proposed National Care Service would operate.

“We understand that the Scottish Government intends to share this information prior to the stage one debate and look forward to receiving it.”

The committee also expressed concerns at the lack of details of amendments the Government plans to propose to the bill: “While the committee understands that this is a framework Bill, the lack of detail at this stage on what that framework will look like is concerning, and has made the work of the committee less effective as a consequence."