THE Palestinian ambassador to the UK has said that the chaos in the House of Commons over the Gaza ceasefire votes is “British politics at its lowest”.

Husam Zomlot told Channel 4 that it was “disgraceful and shameful”.

It comes after Speaker Lindsay Hoyle took the decision to break with “long-established convention” and allow a debate on a Labour amendment to an SNP opposition-day motion calling for a ceasefire in Gaza.

This led to chaos in the House of Commons, with the SNP effectively unable to vote on their own motion and walking out, alongside Tory MPs, in protest.

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Labour’s amendment calling for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza was ultimately approved because deputy speaker Rosie Winterton declared that the “ayes have it” without going to a vote.

Zomot said it wasn’t only “not a good day for the House of Commons”.

“It’s not a good day for the UK. It’s not a good day for humanity. To see the scenes in the House of Commons, it’s really British politics at its lowest.” he added.

“It’s disgraceful and shameful that MPs are debating on whether they should call for an immediate ceasefire after 100,000 Palestinians are killed, maimed, injured. After 70% of their houses are gone. After all of the health sector is bombarded. All the education sector annihilated. And then the ICJ comes and says that Israel is now officially on trial for genocide."

He said that the fact MPs are “still debating and politicking” has shown everybody they are “defending and protecting their careers as opposed to defending and protecting children”.

The weakening of the aid operation in Gaza threatens to deepen misery across the territory, where Israel’s air and ground offensive, launched in response to Hamas’s October 7 attack, has killed more than 29,000 Palestinians, obliterated entire neighbourhoods and displaced more than 80% of the population of 2.3 million.