TWO independence organisations are coming together after a clash of dates for their respective events.

Believe in Scotland (BiS) and Yes2Indee were both due to host a march for Scottish independence on Saturday, April 20 - one in Glasgow and one in Edinburgh.

BiS announced its intention to host a march and rally in Glasgow on the same day Yes2Indee had already set its march for Edinburgh. Now, Yes2Indee is rescheduling its event for "later in the summer".

After discussions between the two groups, Yes2 marchers are set to follow the banners of hosts BiS and Pensioners for Independence in Glasgow. BiS - which already works with 142 Yes groups across Scotland - will also assist in the promotion of Yes2Indee’s rescheduled Edinburgh march.

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Both groups have said they are happy to have agreed to "co-operate for the benefit of the independence cause" rather than march on the same day. BiS has also said it takes full responsibility for the date clash.

Edith Steel from Yes2Indee shared that working in "harmony" is a priority for the two groups.

She said: “We believe that working in harmony rather than apart is more beneficial for the independence movement, which is why we decided to rearrange our event rather than splitting the cause.

"It’s about coming together to make sure our independence is won, rather than disagree about dates for marches or rallies. It’s always been about one goal, independence first, last and always.”

The National:

BiS's founder Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp from said: ‘The people who work for independence or march for independence and help our indy campaign are the lifeblood of the movement - that’s why we are delighted to be able to work with Yes2Indee

"Believe in Scotland will promote future Yes2 marches, hopefully leading to more and bigger marches under both banners.

"Our march and rallies play a key role in maintaining the campaign's momentum, firing people up and rallying the troops for the hard work ahead. Our events are open to all in the movement and the additional media profile we received for our positive and professionally managed event last year contributed an important part to the indy campaign mix."

The BiS march and rally will be held in Glasgow on Saturday, April 20 and participants have been asked to assemble on Kelvin Way to set off at 12.30pm.

Its final destination will be George Square, where the rally will take place.

The event - held in partnership with Pensioners for Independence - aims to be a "festival of independence".