TV personality Stacey Solomon said she and her family “slept in every car park” in Skye during a holiday to Scotland.

In a post on her Instagram, Solomon spoke of how “beautiful” Scotland is as she travelled the country in a caravan with her children and husband Joe Swash.

In her latest post on Tuesday night, she said: “Got a van full of poo & we have slept in every car park in Skye but oh my g-d Scotland YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.

“I haven’t laughed this much in forever. Feeling grateful. Stinky but grateful.”

Prior to this, she joked that she had “fallen asleep in Essex and woke up looking for the Loch Ness Monster”.

“Day one has been all about Inverness, and it is beautiful. I don’t know what I imagined travelling like this would be,” she said.

“Although it is hard with such little ones, it’s magical. And I don’t think I’ve ever felt so free and off the grid.

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“I feel like we can go anywhere & do anything. It’s special.”

It comes after Solomon revealed she was left “so embarrassed” as she was forced to “sleep in a car park”.

She revealed she and her husband had planned to drive through the night to the Isle of Skye and eventually park up at a campsite.

However, she explained that all campsites were closed and told her followers: “So we thought we’d drive through the night to the Isle of Skye while the kids were asleep and on the way we’ll just ring the camper sites and book ourselves in.

“We rang every single campsite in the Isle of Skye and they’re all shut for winter.”

She added that she was left “embarrassed” by the situation and added: “We’d already made the journey, and in the end… I’m actually embarrassed we had to sleep in a car park.

“It was so embarrassing having to wake up this morning looking out the window and people were like coming into the car park to go about their daily day.”