THE UK Government has failed to call for a ceasefire in Gaza as it stuck by Israel despite mounting international criticism of its ally.

The Government has submitted an amendment to the SNP’s motion calling for a ceasefire in Palestine ahead of a vote on the issue on Wednesday.

In it, the Government argued for “Israel’s right to self-defence, in compliance with international humanitarian law” and called for negotiations to create an “immediate humanitarian pause” between Israel and Hamas.

This would be achieved with an eye to creating a “permanent sustainable ceasefire”, the motion added, while allowing “aid in and hostages out”.

It comes after wrangling within the Labour Party in response to the SNP’s motion, which will be put to a vote on Wednesday.

In a significant U-turn for the party, Labour have put forward an amendment calling for an immediate ceasefire in Palestine.

ITV News's political editor Robert Peston reported last night that Keir Starmer would use a three-line whip to have his MPs vote abstain on the SNP's motion over its reference to collective punishment, which the Labour amendment removes.

Both Labour and the UK Government’s motion also address what comes after Israel’s assault on Gaza – which is thought to have seen more than 29,000 Palestinians killed since November.

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The Government has called for Hamas to be “unable to launch further attacks” on Israel and for it to be removed from power in Gaza.

A new Palestinian government should be formed, according to the UK Government’s motion, in the interests of creating a “credible pathway to a two-state solution”.

The UK Government is mild in its criticism of Israel, saying that “too many innocent civilians have died” as a result of its bombardment of Gaza and expressing “concern” at the prospect of the anticipated ground offensive in Rafah.

Rafah is currently thought to be home to around half of Gaza’s population. The city has been struck by missiles but so far Israel has not invaded.

Israel believes it to be the last remaining Hamas stronghold in Gaza – but international observers including the UN have warned a ground offensive would bring devastating levels of civilian deaths.