A PIECE of ancient Highland Games silverware has made its long-awaited return to Scotland.

The lost silver Rose Bowl was traditionally awarded to the best-performing athlete at the Cabrach Picnic and Games in Moray – once a staple of the Highland Games calendar which ran annually from 1877 to 1935.

But the bowl then went missing. It was only when the Cabrach Trust, who in 2022 reintroduced the event after an 87-year hiatus, restarted the hunt for the trophy that it was found and returned to its rightful home.

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The National:

A public plea for information in June 2023 by the trust was seen by Adrian Taylor, the grandson of the last winner of the Rose Bowl, who decided it was time to return the silverware to home soil.

The 73-year-old from Axminster in Devon said: “I was having a clear-out of my house and came across the Rose Bowl, then Googled it to find out more, whereupon I found the news that the Cabrach Trust were seeking its safe return.

The National:

“My grandfather Charles Taylor was the last winner of the Rose Bowl – he was a brilliant athlete as well as a fine musician, being particularly talented in the bagpipes – and, though it’s been nice to have the silverware in the family for the past few decades, it is fitting that, with the return of The Cabrach Picnic and Games two years ago, it returns home.”

Jonathan Christie, CEO of the Cabrach Trust, said: “I could not believe it when I unsuspectingly answered the phone and found myself speaking with Adrian Taylor.

“We are beyond delighted to welcome the Rose Bowl back to its rightful home and are indebted to Adrian for recognising its significance to the Cabrach’s rich culture and history.

“Having committed to reintroducing The Cabrach Picnic and Games for people, near and far, to enjoy, we are so happy to have the Rose Bowl, traditionally the top prize in the 1920s, available as the grand prize for the best-performing competitor at the event.”

Charlie Murray, chair of the Royal Scottish Highland Games Association, said: “The Cabrach Rose Bowl represents a key component of the history of Scottish Highland Games. Silverware like this is steeped in the heritage of traditional Highland sport, and it is culturally very significant that such prizes remain as the reward for the finest athletes that grace our games.”