SCOTLAND is set to experience a small reprieve from rainfall before fresh wet weather rolls in, with a chance for snow in parts of the country as well as possible strong winds. 

The Met Office predicted a drier Sunday but said the “odd spot of rain” will still fall in parts of Western Scotland, North West England, Wales and South West England.

Weather charts, meanwhile, predict that snow will start to fall in Scotland on February 22 (Thursday), with up to 5cm expected in Inverness.

It comes as more than 60 flood warnings remain in place for England, meaning flooding is expected, with more than 10 flood alerts in force for Wales, meaning flooding is possible.

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Met Office meteorologist Craig Snell said: “Quite a mild start to the day on Sunday, a wet start still down towards the South East and heavy rain from time to time.

“That will clear off towards France as we head towards lunchtime, and that will allow many eastern parts to actually have a fairly decent afternoon, a mixture of clouds and some sunny spells.

“Northern Ireland also seeing a relatively dry afternoon with some sunny spells but for Western Scotland, North West England, Wales, South West England, more in a way of cloud and that cloud will be thick enough in places to produce the odd spot of rain.

“The odd shower is possible but I think most of us will be dry and then very later on we will start to see some thicker cloud and some outbreaks of rain just arriving into the far west of Northern Ireland and the far west of Scotland.”

He said “we all turn unsettled” as the week goes on with heavy rain “from time to time” and “increasing risk” of strong winds.