INVERNESS has been named the “most romantic” place in Scotland for a getaway, in a new UK-wide study.

The Scottish city gained the title, coming in at seventh on the overall UK list with a romantic score of 60.82 out of 100. Blackpool was named as the UK’s most romantic getaway destination, with a romance score of 73.34 out of 100.

Swansea in Wales was rated as the least romantic getaway destination in the UK, with a romance score of 20.88.

Travel deals site Tripplo researched which UK cities offer the most romantic getaways and examined several factors, including the number of romantic hotels in each city, the total number of reviews for romantic hotels in each place, the average number of reviews, the average rating, the average price, and the average star rating.

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Hotels were filtered using the site's “romantic hotels” filter.

The full list is:

  1. Blackpool – Romance score: 73.34 out of 100
  2. Preston – Romance score: 71.20 out of 100
  3. Bath – Romance score: 64.95 out of 100
  4. Wrexham – Romance score: 63.19 out of 100
  5. Chester – Romance score: 61.87 out of 100
  6. Burnley – Romance score: 61.81 out of 100
  7. Inverness – Romance score: 60.82 out of 100
  8. Lancaster – Romance score: 59.33 out of 100
  9. York – Romance score: 58.54 out of 100
  10. Aberdeen – Romance score: 57.19 out of 100

Axel Hernborg, founder of Tripplo, commented: “Whether planning a spontaneous trip or an anniversary surprise, deciding where to go on your romantic getaway can be difficult, especially with rising costs and unaffordable options.

“This study has gathered all the factors that make a great getaway and filtered the results to reveal only those relating to specifically romantic hotels whilst also considering the cost of an average night.

“The outcome has shown that Blackpool offers the cheapest Valentine’s getaway in the UK and has one of the highest average ratings on Not surprisingly, London offers the most expensive hotel options, with the average cost of one night being £325.42, with seven nights totalling a staggering £2,277.96.”