The National:

A MEMBER of the UK Parliament can have a wide-ranging and varied diary.

Day-to-day, they can go from talking to and representing constituents, visiting local businesses, liaising with government, local authorities, and colleagues to making media appearances and legislating in Parliament.

Andrew Bowie, the MP for West Aberdeenshire and Kincardine and Tory minister for Nuclear, had so much time today that he not only managed to campaign with Scottish Tory leader Douglas Ross, he literally hoisted a Union flag.

The National:

The Tory posted on social media about a visit he made with a couple of his team on Thursday afternoon.

Bowie said they had visited a pensioner who had her flagpole torn down "simply because of flag flying from it".

The National:

He wrote: "Takes a special kind of idiot to break into the garden of an 80+ year old lady, overnight, and tear down her flag pole simply because of flag flying from it.

"Anyway, popped up to Ballater with a couple of my team this afternoon and pleased to report, flag is flying again."

While this may be important to the elderly lady, The Jouker can be POSITIVE that if this was an SNP, Green or Alba member helping raise a Saltire – there would be an outcry from Bowie and his Unionist colleagues.

But hey, what can you expect from Scotland's most right-wing politician?