A SCOTTISH Parliament computer was used to edit Alex Cole-Hamilton’s Wikipedia page so it no longer included a reference to a National article about his explicit outburst to former children’s minister Maree Todd, according to a report.

The Scottish Sun reports that a number of Scottish Parliament computers were used numerous times to edit MSPs' Wikipedia pages to make them more positive.

Wikipedia can be edited by anyone, but all changes are recorded and deleted information is still available with the newspaper reporting edits have been traced back to Holyrood using the Parliament’s IP address.

Why was it edited?

Cole-Hamilton’s (below) Wikipedia page has been edited in relation to a story about him from 2021, when he was forced to apologise for swearing at Todd.

The National: EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND - May 7: Scottish Liberal Democrat Health spokesperson Alex Cole-Hamilton in the chamber of the Scottish Parliament after the rejection of a number of amendments he tabled during the Stage 3 (final stage) debate on the Age of Criminal

The LibDem MSP was heavily criticised after footage of him emerged mouthing “f*** off” at Todd during a committee meeting, who was then the minister for children and young people.

He tweeted that he had “lost his temper,” but proceeded to blame his outburst on Todd in a move which provoked further anger.

According to The Sun, the edit made removed a link to an article in The National taking aim at the MSP for what we said was “no apology”.

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This was then replaced by a reference to him writing a letter saying sorry to Todd and apologising in the Holyrood chamber.

What have the Scottish LibDems said?

The Scottish Sun reports that the Scottish LibDems refused to comment.

It added that it does not know whether the edits were done by MSPs or their staff but that it could potentially breach a Wikipedia ban on people or employees editing pages about themselves.

However, The National has approached Cole-Hamilton for further comment.

Who else was in the report?

The Scottish Sun also reports that former Tory MSP Michelle Ballantyne had the entire “controversies” section removed from her page.

Meanwhile, Humza Yousaf’s name was added to a list of “notable alumni” who undertook the International Visitor Leadership Program, which is run by the US State Department.

Others were more light-hearted, with SNP MSP George Adam having his page changed to include a quote on being a St Mirren Fan which said: “I’m just a daft boy fae Feegie in Paisley that’s now become Minister for Parliamentary Business”.

In response, he told the newspaper he would not know how to edit his page but that he would have “no problems with my background as a big daft boy from Feegie being on there”.

A Scottish Parliament spokesperson said: “All Parliament-issued devices should be used for parliamentary purposes.”