THE SNP will heap fresh pressure on an embattled Keir Starmer as the party announced it will force another vote on a ceasefire in Gaza.

Stephen Flynn, the party’s leader in Westminster, said: “The time for equivocating is over. Rishi Sunak and Sir Keir Starmer must back an immediate ceasefire now.”

It comes during a nightmare week for the Labour leader who has been forced to ditch two candidates over allegations of antisemitism while the pro-Palestinian left of the party accused him of playing favourites.

The SNP exposed fissures within Labour the last time they forced a vote on the conflict in Gaza – which has so far seen an estimated 28,000 Palestinians killed – triggering a wave of resignations from Starmer’s frontbench.

The SNP confirmed reports from last week that the party would use their scheduled opposition day in a week’s time to table a motion urging the UK Government to call for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza.

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Flynn said: “Over 28,000 Palestinian children and civilians have already been killed – and vast swathes of Gaza have been obliterated, including hospitals and family homes.

“The UK Parliament cannot just sit on its hands and do nothing. International pressure is paramount if an immediate ceasefire is to happen – and the UK has a moral duty to do its part.

"With every day Sunak and Starmer equivocate – more children are killed. Enough is enough. This has to end – and it has to end now.”

Momentum, a left-wing pressure group within Labour, urged MPs to back the SNP ceasefire motion. 

A spokesperson said: "History will record each and every vote next week.

"As Israel continues to commit untold horrors in Gaza, and rears up for a massacre in Rafah, every single Labour MP has a duty to vote for a full and immediate ceasefire."

Scottish Labour remain at odds with party headquarters on the subject, with leader Anas Sarwar also calling for an immediate ceasefire. Starmer has avoided the term and uses "sustainable ceasefire". 

In response to the SNP's announcement, former Scottish Labour leader Richard Leonard tweeted on Wednesday: "Labour must back an immediate ceasefire."

The new call comes after Israel began a major offensive in the southern Gazan town of Rafah, where it is estimated approximately half of the Palestinian region’s population had taken refuge.

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UN chief Antonio Guterres warned last week that those displaced by the attacks on Gaza had “have no homes” and “no hope”.

It also comes amid mounting pressure on Starmer over both Labour’s handling of allegations of antisemitism and its stance on the Israel-Gaza war.

Labour’s pro-Palestinian left have accused Starmer of hypocrisy for failing to take action on accusations of antisemitism against the party’s former candidate in the Rochdale by-election Azhar Ali, until his position became untenable.

He had been defended by Labour frontbenchers after he was found to have claimed that Israel allowed Hamas to kill around 1200 of its citizens as an excuse to wreck havoc on Gaza.

Ali was only dumped when a newspaper approached Labour for comment on more allegedly antisemitic comments he was said to have made.

Another election candidate was this week suspended by the party for referring to “f***ing Israel” during a branch meeting.

The Tories have said Starmer’s claims he had “changed” the Labour Party were untrue because of this week’s revelations.

Others have said he has played favourites with those on his wing of the party – and have reiterated their criticisms of him for failing to back an immediate ceasefire in Gaza.

Labour were approached for comment.