CAMPAIGN group This Is Rigged has replaced a billboard in Glasgow with a poster taking aim at the CEO of Sainsbury’s over the cost of living crisis.

The billboard, located on Cathcart Road and opposite the Brazen Head pub, now reads “Sainsbury’s is Rigged”.

The group also spray-painted buildings and street furniture overnight throughout Glasgow city centre, with slogans including “is treasa tuath na tighearna” – a Gaelic slogan meaning the people are mightier than a lord.

It also plastered streets with posters for the group’s upcoming “march for scran” which is due to take place on February 18 at 11am in Garnethill Park.

The National:

Campaigners said the latest action is a precursor to a new wave of action this spring to “take back what’s ours,” vowing to escalate tactics and take redistributive action until demands are met.

At the end of last year, the group spray-painted Sainsbury’s in Buchanan Street and smashed the case of the Stone of Destiny in Edinburgh Castle to launch their new demands.  

It is demanding that supermarkets slash prices of baby formula to March 2021 levels. The group claims that the CEO of Sainsbury’s Simon Roberts has seen his annual salary increase to almost £5 million.

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It is also demanding that the Scottish Government fully fund a community food hub per every 500 households in Scotland, which would amount to around 4000 hubs in total.

This Is Rigged says that we cannot be “held to ransom” by corporations anymore and the current system of food distribution is failing.

Campaigners with the group have previously taken action against supermarkets. During the latter half of 2023, This is Rigged carried out a series of what it described as “Robin Hood” style actions in which food was redistributed from supermarket shelves to food banks.

The National has approached Sainsbury’s for comment.