A SCOTTISH animal charity has issued an update after dozens of puppies were found hidden in the back of a lorry at a ferry port.

A total of 24 puppies were rescued earlier this month by the Scottish Society for the Protection of Animals (SSPCA) after being found in the back of a lorry at Cairnryan ferry port in Dumfries and Galloway.

They were found in cardboard boxes without food or water and were found to have life-threatening diseases.

The National:  (Image: SSPCA)

On Tuesday the charity told The National that all the puppies have survived, and that some of them had already found new homes.

A spokesperson for the SSPCA added that the puppies were doing “well” and that some were still receiving treatment, whilst others were almost ready for rehoming.

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The charity launched a fundraiser to support the puppies through their treatment and recovery, which has already smashed its initial goal of £25,0000.

A total of £38,967 has been raised so far, with anything past the initial target going towards the charity’s “fight against the low-welfare puppy trade”.

The National:  (Image: SSPCA)

The charity issued a statement on social media on February 8, after exceeding the initial goal.

In a statement on Twitter/X, the charity said: “Thank you so much to everyone who made a donation to our crowd funder for the 24 puppies recently rescued from a lorry. Thanks to your help, we’ve exceeded our goal!

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“While we’ve achieved this milestone, this sadly isn’t an isolated incident. We need your help to continue our fight against the low-welfare puppy trade.

“We receive no government funding and a donation will help our teams investigate and prosecute more unscrupulous puppy dealers.”