MEMBERS of the GB News audience during Rishi Sunak’s Q&A session on Monday evening were left unimpressed by the Prime Minister’s attempts to win them over.

During the show, Sunak was confronted by voters on a range of issues, including immigration and the Covid vaccine, in County Durham.

The Conservative Party’s own Twitter/X account suggested the Prime Minister had “smashed” his appearance and asked if anybody could imagine Keir Starmer doing the same.

However, a video circulating on social media shows audience members being asked what they thought of Sunak’s performance.

“I didn’t learn anything really new tonight,” said one while when another person was asked if they had changed their mind on Sunak, they replied: “I’ve not changed my mind. I’m still very undecided. I wasn’t very impressed with the answers that were coming back.”

The audience was made up entirely of undecided voters, or those who said they could be convinced to switch at the upcoming election.

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Following the debate, GB News said that a straw poll of the audience conducted minutes after the event found 50% of those who listened would vote Conservative, while 36% said they were undecided and 14% said they would vote for another party.

Asked if they would vote for him, another member said they thought Sunak was “trying his best” but that the Conservatives would not be able to win the next General Election.

Another audience member added said he had been convinced to “think” about voting for Sunak, but that he was mainly thinking about where to hand in “my expenses claims”.

“I was pretty unimpressed with the way he closed off the Covid vaccine injured person,” said somebody else.

Covid vaccine clip

During the discussion, a member of the audience who said he was one of the Covid vaccine injured told the Prime Minister to “look into my eyes and look at the pain, the trauma and the regret that I have in my eyes”.

He asked the PM why he had to “set up a support group in Scotland to look after the people effected by that Covid-19 vaccine” and suggested they had been “left to rot”.

The man also claimed there was another member of the audience who had been through something similar before adding: "We're silenced. We are the most silenced people in this country."

Sunak said he was “very sorry” to hear about the circumstances and that he did not know about the “individual situation”.

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Responding to the clip, broadcaster India Willoughby said: "Watch the whole of this clip. Rishi Sunak is f***** in the General Election. 

"Rabbit in headlights. GB News should be safe ground, soft ball questions - but Mr GB News has to intervene to save him. Car-crash telly."